After a couple of days in Brisbane the heat started to get to me. Sitting out on the porch of an evening with a g&t or a cold beer is all very well but when you’re still sweating at ten o’clock at night it gets slightly less enjoyable. Walking anywhere in the daytime humidity takes it out of you so the idea of going hiking (well, a stroll really) in Lamington National Park was rather ambitious.

The drive down there was around ninety minutes of rock music and air con, with views out to the sea as we wound our way up the mountain to the Binna Burra section of the park. With no prior planning we took the first path we found which promised a cave within 2km. After around 20 minutes we were all drenched in perspiration, wary of the many spider webs and not that excited about a cave anyway. The highlight was stalking a wallaby down a hill until it had enough of us and hopped off. We gave up and turned back to the café next to the car park.

Disappointed in our half-hearted attempt we decided to find a waterfall. Google gave us directions to Killarney Glen which should be a beautiful area with a heart-shaped pool. Unfortunately after a 15 minute walk down a track to find the waterfalls we found sixty or so backpackers who had commandeered the falls, daring each other to jump from the top into the water below. We stayed for ten minutes or so but there was little chance of getting more than a token photo so we headed back to the car. Uphill. I have never been happier to see a car park in my life.

My last day in Brisbane was a chance to go into the CBD for the first time. I had arranged to meet two old work colleagues who returned to Aus last year. We had just over half an hour at lunch to swap 12 months’ worth of gossip but it’s always good to see old friends no matter how briefly.

After another day of extreme heat and humidity I was glad to check the Hobart weather and see that a more UK-like temperature was in store for the next leg of my trip…



Killarney Glen




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