Saturday 5th February – 20.30 -21.30 GMT/ 15.30 – 16.30 EST – online

WRITING UNHEARD VOICES: INSPIRATIONS, CHALLENGES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Louise Fein, Louise Hare, Frances Quinn, Nikki Marmery Four panellists will bring attention to what is often forgotten: writing unheard voices. In historical fiction (and history itself) certain groups are marginalised, discriminated against or simply forgotten, their voices unheard. Using examples from their own novels, Louise Fein, Louise Hare, Frances Quinn and Nikki Marmery will cover the challenges and responsibilities which come with covering some of these difficult topics, as well as the fascinating and rewarding aspects of writing these stories and letting silenced people speak. They welcome questions at the end.

Please note that the conference runs from 2 – 6 February, all online, with multiple events on each day. This conference is aimed at writers and so there are expert presentations, agent discussions, Q&As and more useful sessions aimed at helping the aspiring historical author.

Please note that the link from this website to the conference site is an affiliate link and I may earn money if you purchase tickets via this method.

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