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The Correspondence by JD Daniels

I’m not usually a big reader of essays (confession: I had to read this collection for my MA course) but ‘The Correspondence’ was a pleasant surprise. This is a brief book, only 126 generously spaced pages, and features six different letters. Quite dark in places, comic in others, I found myself drawn into Daniels’s frequently odd world. ‘Letter from Cambridge’ begins the collection, though … Read More The Correspondence by JD Daniels

Books – Negroland by Margo Jefferson

  As a Pulitzer Prize winning book and theatre critic, Margo Jefferson is well used to writing on the arts, but has also become known for her political writings. In this, a memoir of growing up in a successful black family in Chicago, she has turned her critical eye on her own family, examining the community she refers to as Negroland: ‘a small region of Negro … Read More Books – Negroland by Margo Jefferson