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Drown by Junot Diaz

Diaz’s first short story collection, Drown, was published back in 1996. I read his later collection, This Is How You Lose Her, last year and both books showcase Diaz’s writing in a similar way. They even share a character, Yunior. These ten stories are rooted in the immigrant experience, from surviving in the barrios of Santo Domingo to adjusting to life in New Jersey. Diaz … Read More Drown by Junot Diaz

Lust by Roald Dahl

I love Roald Dahl’s adult short stories. These four new editions are categorised: Lust, Deception, Madness and Cruelty being the themes  (though from this edition alone I can say that all four are fully represented within). In this volume are ten tales of ‘craving and desire’, mostly with a dark twist, and often funny. Each story is prefaced by its original date of publication, … Read More Lust by Roald Dahl

The Changing of the Leaves – Part Five

Missed the last instalment? The Changing of the Leaves – Part Four Maria barely slept that night. She lay on her bed, listening for a while to Celine weeping in the bedroom above that she shared with Daniel, to Daniel’s soft placations as he apologised for upsetting his wife. When Celine gave in and forgave him she buried her head in the pillow, blocking … Read More The Changing of the Leaves – Part Five

The Changing of the Leaves – Part Four

The husbands arrived back late on a Wednesday, their arrival heralded by Celine’s happy laughter as she ran downstairs to greet Daniel. Maria had not thought to bother going downstairs but did not want David to look upon her with that look of his. Her husband’s valet was far too overfamiliar with him, and thought himself worse off to have saddled himself with such … Read More The Changing of the Leaves – Part Four

The Changing of the Leaves – Part Three

Missed the beginning of this story? The Changing of the Leaves – Part One ‘Can you imagine it? Every day the same for the rest of our lives?’ Maria put down her tapestry and addressed Celine. Like every other morning that week they were sitting quietly in the morning room. ‘Well, it won’t be, will it?’ Celine pointed out. ‘You will have the baby … Read More The Changing of the Leaves – Part Three

The Changing of the Leaves – Part Two

  The sun was shining over Piccadilly as the carriage transported Maria towards her rendezvous. Not a soul knew where she was going excepting one, and she had asked to be dropped at Fortnum and Mason, though that wasn’t her final destination. Descending to the pavement, Maria let the doorman do his duty and waited until the coachman, Peter, had driven off before slipping … Read More The Changing of the Leaves – Part Two

The Changing of the Leaves – Part One

How Papa would laugh if he could see his daughter now, Maria thought, wincing as her maid, Sally, tightened the strings of her stays, her swelling stomach protesting. He could never know how unhappy she was. Not that he ever wanted to see her again anyway. ‘Ma,am, did you want the blue or the pink today?’ Sally held two dresses in her arms. ‘Oh, … Read More The Changing of the Leaves – Part One

Keeping Up Appearances – Part Four

Maria was taking tea with Celine in the morning room when Sam arrived home. ‘We decided to call upon one another since we are both now social pariahs and no one else would care to visit,’ Maria told him. ‘Well, I’m sure that Celine’s company is preferable to those prissy ladies we used to encounter at those dull dinner parties,’ Sam replied, sitting and … Read More Keeping Up Appearances – Part Four

Keeping Up Appearances – Part Three

Missed Part Two? Keeping Up Appearances – Part Two Sam was glad for the opportunity to hide away at the Olympia the next day. He had forced himself to go and congratulate Maria the day before, and had been surprisingly cheered by her contagious excitement. It was better than David’s continued sulking but the theatre accounts held a strange attraction today that he had … Read More Keeping Up Appearances – Part Three

Keeping Up Appearances – Part Two

Keeping Up Appearances – Part One ‘Those letters won’t read themselves,’ David warned. Sam had sought sanctuary in his study, away from Daniel and Celine who were in the throes of their first marital disagreement, and Maria who was feeling unwell yet again. He sat at his grandfather’s desk, shipped over from America at great cost, a stack of correspondence before him. He was … Read More Keeping Up Appearances – Part Two

Keeping Up Appearances – Part One

Sometimes over the past weeks it had seemed that almost every little thing Maria said annoyed him, irritated him like a persistent fly constantly buzzing around him. He wished once that he could swat her, then felt terrible for the rest of the day, making it up to her by showering her with attention, though of course this just encouraged her behaviour. It was … Read More Keeping Up Appearances – Part One

The Seamstress – Part Four

Kitty was a determined woman. It was less than an hour later when she poked her head in at Nora’s room, smiling broadly. ‘I just gave Ned a piece of my mind regarding his less than chivalrous behaviour last night. He apologises profusely and promises to do everything in his power to bring Sean to the King’s tonight.’ ‘But what am I to say … Read More The Seamstress – Part Four